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Why Do Men Misbehave Sexually Toward Women?

John A. Manning

Men starting the conversation.jpg

A Canadian University recently took the headlines because of an incident of sexual harassment and verbal sexual assault on fellow female students. This incident was by a number of 4th year male graduate students in their dental school. Unfortunately, there are abundant situations that represent sexual misconduct, from verbal sexual assault to physical sexual assault, on females of all ages. The majority of these attacks have little or no consequences for their deplorable conduct.

I was recently interviewed by a national news station and asked; "Why do men behave that way? What is this all about?"

My response; "They do it because they can! Consciously or unconsciously, the male dominated power structures in our society sanctions such behavior." Rarely are there punitive consequences for such actions at all levels in our society:
- At all levels of our schools
- Workplaces
- Government
- Military
- Private businesses

Most of my Clients at Supportive Counselling Services are female. Females experience more problems in a male dominated structure and are ready to talk and try to resolve their issues. It's time for males to start talking and resolving their issues.

What Should You Talk About in Counselling?

John A. Manning

What Should You Talk About In Counselling?

While it may be true that everyone has problems or concerns in one form or another, it is equally true that not everyone wants to talk about those concerns.

It is important to prioritize your concerns before going into counselling:

1. What issue is of the longest duration?
2. What issue creates the most distress for me?
3. What do I really need to deal with now?

Often issues are interrelated. Exploring one leads to uncovering others. Once you have decided what is most important:

- Self-Confidence
- Self-Esteem
- Relationships
- Trust
- Anger
- Sexual Issues

The next task is to commit to start and find a therapist to work with. Arrange a brief interview with your selected therapist. He or she should be willing to have a 10 minute interview with you.

Supportive Counselling Services is here to support you!

This is Your Life!

John A. Manning

Napoleon Bonaparte is credited as having said "History is a story told by the Victor! He who wins or controls the situation can tell His Story the way he wishes.

Most people can be controlled by other people's desires, goals, ambitions and ideas. They may become so influenced that they no longer are certain of who they are or what they really feel.

Supportive Counselling Services is here to help you heal, grow and bring about positive change so you can tell your story and what you want to make real. Make you the Victor in your life!

Comfort, Support & Practical Guidance for Life's Challenges!

Make the Most of Your Counselling

John A. Manning

Counselling two discussion.png

Be involved in your counselling. With the help of your therapist set concrete goals to be achieved. Bring a notebook (device) to jot down brief points during and after your session.

Effective Counselling is not something that only happens during your session. Often clients may not remember a point made during the session, hence the need to make brief notes. It is critical that you are interactive in the session with the therapist.

Make notes occurring between your sessions so they can be discussed later with the therapist. Raise questions and ideas related to your concerns. Regularly evaluate your goals, progress, direction and interconnection of issues facing you.

You should be supported throughout the duration of your concerns. The therapist should be accessible for any crises both in the office, by phone or other means.

Counselling is a journey that you and the therapist travel together. How long it takes depends on both of you.

Comfort, Support & Practical Guidance for Life's Challenges.