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Make the Most of Your Counselling

John A. Manning

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Be involved in your counselling. With the help of your therapist set concrete goals to be achieved. Bring a notebook (device) to jot down brief points during and after your session.

Effective Counselling is not something that only happens during your session. Often clients may not remember a point made during the session, hence the need to make brief notes. It is critical that you are interactive in the session with the therapist.

Make notes occurring between your sessions so they can be discussed later with the therapist. Raise questions and ideas related to your concerns. Regularly evaluate your goals, progress, direction and interconnection of issues facing you.

You should be supported throughout the duration of your concerns. The therapist should be accessible for any crises both in the office, by phone or other means.

Counselling is a journey that you and the therapist travel together. How long it takes depends on both of you.

Comfort, Support & Practical Guidance for Life's Challenges.